Well Cocoa is making a "hooting" noise I guess. I looked up respiratory problems in Guinea pigs and that could be what it is. My dad is taking her to the vet this afternoon. I dread the events of this afternoon.
We've had Guinea pigs since I got my first 2 in 2005. I feel it's my fault that we have had to deal with all of the heartache with our piggies: first, Mickey had babies–she was supposed to be a boy, second Fluffy–one of the babies–was born with a cleft pallet and didn't live long, third Griffin–the daddy–had a twist in his intestine and passed away. He was so beautiful. Next Whiskers–another of the babies–had to be put down, we suspect from cancer. Then while I was in the hospital, my dad told me Mickey–our mama piggie–passed. That left Bandit–the last baby–he lived to be 4 and a half and then contracted bladder stones. We couldn't afford the surgery and even if we could have, there was no guarantee that it would be successful. So he was sent home. And now we have Cocoa and Emory. If Cocoa doesn't pull through, Emory's original owner said she would take him back.
My heart hurts so much. But I can't bring myself to wish I never had them. They were such a joy in some ways. Mickey was the first to pur for me. Griffin used to jump on top of his pigloo–that's what they call their houses. Bandit was the first baby I held. Fluffy was such a sweet boy, our little lap piggie. Whiskers was a good mix of both Mickey and Griffin. She reminded me of myself: she looked like her mama but had her daddy's personality.
I can't be strong, I'm crying and so sad. I need to call my psychiatrist's office and make an appointment. I just hope I don't burst into tears while doing so.Thanks for reading….


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