I know a second cousin is a distant relative but K–my cousin–doesn't have much of a immediate family. Her mom passed away when she was 12, her biological father is a deadbeat and she doesn't have paternal grandparents as far as I know. She has her maternal grandparents, an uncle, a younger brother and us–her somewhat distant family. Basically my dad and K's mom were cousins. Anyway, the trouble started when K met this guy, Tyler–he is nothing but a manipulative SOB. Tyler doesn't have the best background or family but he could have chosen to turn it around when he found out K was pregnant with their daughter.
Anyway, K's baby is not a mistake or unwanted. Our family is not like that, we will help both of them if K decides to leave her POS baby's father. I can't even call Tyler a dad or boyfriend. I believe 100%in the quote "Anyone can be a father, but it takes a man to be a DADDY." That quote is probably the smartest thing I've heard from the Maury Show (lol for the moment). Anyway,Tyler manipulates her, cut up her cell phone charger, changed her social media passwords and threatens to kill himself if she doesn't stay with him. I fear soon he will threaten K or her daughter. I wish K would do what's best for her and her daughter…part of me wishes I didn't have such a big heart. K lives a few minutes from me but since she is a distant relative,I feel all of it shouldn't bother me. BUT it does!!!! I almost feel like she needs family to care about her and lean on. She hasn't had the best family growing up but dammit, she can give her daughter what she was lacking growing up. Like her uncle said, K has given up her adult privleges when she put her daughter in this situation. I agree. Part of me wants to contact one of my dad's cousins–this cousin is great at saying what needs to be said. I really want to get the family together and have an "intervention" of sorts, for K's sake and her daughter's. Well, I'm going to try and go to bed. I lay awake awhile wondering what I could do to help her,if she is ok. How I could help her grandparents. Damm it bugs me so much. WHY oh WHY?????


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