Yes I am back and feel so good to be back.  They had trouble findinf me to get the phone hooked up and my internet going.  Just got it done today because there was trouble because I live on Parkway and they had me as Avenue but ther is an Avenue behind me.  They sent out a tech this morning to see what is wrong and here they hooked me up on the wrong pole plus there was something wrong in the box coming into the apartment.  Just happy it got hooked up and I am able to blog again to help me.

Well I'll tell you the movers I got did one heck of a job, it took them to load, drive here and unload plus set my bed, dresser, china hutch and frig up in four hours andit didn't cost me as much as I thought it would.  If you allevery look in the papers for movers and you come across The Best Darn Movers, get them.  They are great and they do have a web site.  They took very good care of all my things.

For me, in this move I felt a big weight lifted off my shoulder when I pulled away from that place and to tell you the truth, I am starting to feel a little better then what I was.  This landlord told me he will do the best he could for me and if he can't get to it right then he will get it done because of all the businesses plus rentals he has. We have talked a little Tuesday and today and he is going to try to make it easy for me.  When he came in this morning he said that "Cleanlyness is next to Godlyness" .  He told me I am very clean and told him I am not unpacked yet but he said he could see I am a clean person.  Tomorrow I am going to start to set the bed room up the way I want it and I will take my time.  I am just glad that I could blog again and be in touch with all.

Thank you all for your comments.

God be with all DT

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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    I'm glad you're back honey and sounds like you had a smooth move which is a good sign.  When things go smoothly they are meant to be!  I'm so excited for you getting set up the way you want and taking your time to get things just right.  I've moved a lot in the past years and one thing I loved about it is setting up my home, I'm a home person.  Anyway I'm glad you are back and have fun setting up your new home!

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