Ok so this is how my day went yesterday……. it was very scary for the most part… the first part started off very well, but as the day went forward events occured which truely make you think about your life and how even sometimes the smallest of things can prevent you from being in the middle of something really bad. As I was traveling to Reno yesterday I felt that I should go by and visit the grave of my father…. at first I just wanted to get to Reno but then it hit me again go and visit you fathers grave… so I did….. it was a small quick visit but still took about 20 min. I got through and continued to Reno on interstate 80 when traffic started to slow a little and I noticed vehicles pulled to the side of the road and highway patrols were going fast to some where…. as we rounded the corner…. there is was an SUV on its top…it had been going in the same direction as we were but had gone over the rail and ended up on its top on the other side of the road… I won't say what I saw because it was not good. I made it through this.. and decided to go a different way home after I was done with the shopping I needed to do in Reno…. again I did all of the things I needed to do in Carsen City and started for home when more police cars were circuled around something in the road…. they diverted traffic to the side of the road and again the sight was frightening… involving a little fourwheeler and a Preus….. the result was not good… I am sorry but I attempted o speak about this to my wife and she would not listen… but need to get this out of my mind so I hope this will not have an adverse affect on anyone here…. but thanks for listening….

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  1. Deeprhatt 11 years ago

    It did seem rather hard at first… I did have a much better day today…

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