Two words. That's all it took to destroy any confidence I had in my newly found social life. "You're rude.". Apparently I've been being rude all day. Which was news to me. I simply think my friend doesn't get my humor, which could be a problem. But I would never be purposefully rude. I hate that anyone would think that. Every since she uttered those words, I've been sitting here in tears.

And if you want to talk about rude, lets talk about rude.

I think it's rude when someone takes you out to lunch, and pays, like she has for 3 days,and you order something that costs more than what the person paying for it costs. Why do I have to order water to cut down on costs, but you order a 2 dollar sprite? You said you were getting the 4.99 cheeseburger. So I got something 4.99 also. But then after I order you change it to the 6.99 burger? That's kind of rude. You get a better lunch than I do! I told you be as cheap as possible. And then I end up getting something free and you tell me (in an unjoking way) that I better be sharing it? and if I don't, that's rude? What about you? You get 2 cookies for lunch, but never give me one. (Kindergarden much? lol) If you want to get into sharing, I've done way more for you than you have for me. I owe you nothing.

There's more where that came from, but I don't feel like typing it out.

So now I'm probably just not going to talk much anymore, at the risk of being rude. I think I'm just doomed to be alone in the world forever. I've been trying to choose what I say and do very carefully, because I don't want people to see me as rude or bossy (which I am bossy, very…I'm just mostly right) Yet something…still happens. No matter what. I just want to give up. Now it's all I can think about.

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  1. maybecrazy 10 years ago

    I definetly know how it feels when just a couple of words from someone can ruin a day. My sister does that all the time, brat, idiot, rude, stupid, immiture, all that stuff. But what I have noticed about people who enjoy pointing out the insecuritys of others, have the same insecuritys themselves. So when they call you \”rude\” or what ever they say, it makes them feel less \”rude\”. Get what I\'m trying to say? Sometimes you cant let things consume you, because its most likely their problem, not yours. Maybe explain to this friend, that the things she says to you do hurt your fealings. If shes a good friend she will apologize and try to be nicer, and if she doesnt change, then what kind of friend is she? Maybeitwillhelp 🙂 Ill be praying for you!

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