There is probably the vast majority of you out there saying "who the fck is this guy?", as I have not been on for a while… I guess I should start out by welcoming you to the tribe, although you've probably been here for 5 months at this point. For those that remember me, hello again friends. It's been a rough go of it for about a year now. As I anticipated was happening, I was completely consumed with my disaster fears, and was (and still am to a point) a harsh activist, participating in many many causes. I should probably not, as it's not good for my OCD but it is what it is.

A month ago, my wife announced her intention to divorce me. I still don't know how I feel about that. When she told me, she said "I don't know what I was thinking marrying someone with OCD". Yeah, well, fck you, zombie prostitute. I've had this illness since I was 13yrs old, and I've been fighting for all I'm worth for a while now. I told her when we met me that I had OCD, I bought books, I showed her documentaries. I guess she didn't understand that it was serious. The ironic part is, I'm actually feeling somewhat relived since she told me she was leaving, so maybe it was for the best anyway. Now I just have the joy of sharing a house with her until she gets out.

That said, I've been feeling like I've been run over by a truck these days. The stress has consumed me. My kids left the house to go live with their mom (My first wife) which I later found out was because my second wife was abusive to them, so yeah… now I get to carry that around too.

This one's going to be rather short, because I see where it's going and I'm not in the mood to cry in my beer right now. I'm probably too skeptical to be back here right now, and should go live in a cave for a bit, but cave's don't have porn so that's not an option.


  1. onemanchy 10 years ago

     Hang in there dude;although it may take time,there is always light at the end of this tunnel;caves are cold,i flee to lonely desert islands surrounded by mermaids.dont give up coffeedad.

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  2. morella 10 years ago

    I know it seems like a rollercoaster right now, but hang in there. We are glad to have you back, although preferably under better circumstances. Just remember that the tribe is always here for you.

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  3. Catoptromancy 10 years ago

    It's a bit late, but I really don't like zombie prostitutes.  Especially the one you married.  Be strong, Barin.  We need you on Mongo.

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