It's been a loong time since I've been on here. Woah. But not that much has changed,I thought I was doing fine, but according to my doctors I'm not. Speaking of which, I saw ANOTHER doctor today. Well…I guess she's more of a "doctor". She's an assistant psychiatrist and she had the most irritating accent. She acted like she knew ALL about me, but she never listened to a word I said. I hate that! She kept me there for 2.5 HOURS. I was only supposed to just get to know her today for not even an hour!I don't like her at all. She wants me to come back next week because she's putting me on MORE meds. Mood stablizers,which are good. But they have so many damn side effects I don't see why they're safe to give to people. She wants me to go back to my therapist, butI don't WANT to! Would it be SO bad for me to just live a little bit of a normal life? I hate having to go see a different person every day so they can treat me like a science project. It's not like it helps my anxiety. But, *sigh* things that don't have to do with my depression and meds and ADD and doctors and crap are good at least. I finished my first job of the summer, and my second one starts soon. I'm getting paid well in coffee cards and a good check (: My love life is better at least. I have at least SOMEONE to flirt with like I'm in 7th grade again and they're pretty sweet so that's fine. I just want the rest of me to be fine too. Well. I'm so tired. I'm gonna head to bed (: goodnight to you troopers who read to the end of this thing. You just earned a virtual gold star (: ♥

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  1. AloneForeverNew 9 years ago

    i got a gold star! i do that at the end of my blogs as well, i thank people for getting to the end but they never do coz mine are massive. having a therapist you don’t feel you get on with is really unhelpful, i would ask to talk to all of them and then choose one.

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