Today is Mothers Daycrying! I have 4 kids 2 boys (22,23) 2 girls (33,16). One married with 2 children, the 2 boys out on their own. (I wont go into the spill about being the best mother that I could be that goes  without saying). But again today is Mothers Day and although one should honor mother more often this is an official day to let your beloved Mother know how much she means to you. Well today for me is very sad and yes I maybe expecting too much but I didn't even as much receive a card from any of them. It is now 3:03pm est time and one son I have not heard from, one texted me with a message that said "Happy Mother's Day, mothers" which seemed to have been one he forwarded to all the mothers that he knows, my oldest did call and wished me a Happy Mothers and offered to take me to breakfast, my youngest, however, whom is still in school and  does not work, has been all week asking me what I want.  Although I have to say it's not about what I want it's about them showing me with their own thoughts, words, gifts, support or however they care  to show  their love and appreciation for me, this is a day that was meant for them to do that even if they didn't know how to anyother time! So now I sit here in front of this tube typing my feelings of sadness, abandonment and unloved. Where did I go wrong? What didn't I do and how can I do better? Those would be my words to them. Do they not know that I have feelings? That I need to here them say how much I mean to them. This is not the first time I've spent my  Mothers Day alone and sad but this is the one that Im writing about…..CryAm I over reacting?helpsmilie

  1. dvlmdmedoit 15 years ago

    HEY ; take this for what its worth, I'm a 43 year old man with no kids but I do have a mom. I don't think kids realize the sacrafises, love and hard work that goes into being a good mother, until they've lived as an adult for a while. It was'nt until I was in my late 20s that I appreciated my parents and the work and love  that went into raising us. Thats pobably why you heard from the oldest! Here is what I think you should do, starting monday call and make reservations for next mothers day. get a manacure, fasial ,massage maybe a nice lunch.  Plan on not even ansewering the phone that day . Celabrate being a woman and a mother yourself, you deserve it! The kids will eventually ome to realize how special you are !         Happy mothers day

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  2. troubled12 15 years ago

    You are not over reacting as far as I can see your kids are ungrateful.To bad this is becoming the trend of our kids that we gave are all to raise.I am sorry you had such a bad day that you didn't deserve.Mine forget when it is my birthday and Fathers day I just blow it off but it does bother me.I think that when they are grown they don't think.I am sure your kids love you they have become selfish through no fault of yours.It is about 7:30 est. so let me give you a big mothers day(hug) and wish you the best.Take care and hang in there.


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