WARNING: This is basically not for anyone who hate's reading about everyones problems.

I grew up without a Mother, but was raised well by my Father. My Dad was busy fighting forest fires and left me with his Sister; at one point I was abused by a babysitter she left me with. At the age of 12; this incicent really began to take its toll. I remember feeling very sad and lonely all the time; I felt like I couldn't relate to anyone becasue I had such a negative outlook on life. I thought everything would be better by the time I got to college but that's when I began having symptoms of Anxiety; I was living with my ex Boyfriend at the time. His ex began harassing/threatening/stalking us as soon as we started dating; this really made the Anxiety uncontrollable and to a point where I needed medication to make it through the day. After two years together my ex decided to end our relationship 20 minutes before my Aunts funeral over the phone while 8 hours away; the same Aunt who took care of me when mybiological Mother couldn't. I was more sad and hurt when my Aunt passed then I was when my Mom passed; I was 16 and she was struck by a vehical on Toronto's Highway 401. I feel like if I let out the shit that's been making me depressed; someone will read this and either understands or can relate to. It always made me feel good when someone would appreciate what I been through or thank me for sharing my story because it would inspire them to appreciate their life more. I'm 22 years old now and it was about a month ago when my Aunt passed and the break up happening; I'm still very upset by the whole thing. I don't want sympathy or a pity party; I just been battling depression and I feel like getting all this out will help me beat it.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 7 years ago

    You are right about that. Writing about it, giving it the light of day does lesson the impact. From what I read, I feel there is much more that has to see the light of day. Whether you journal on blogs, or forums, or in a diary at home, your writing will help you not only cope with the issues, but will be the beginning of your healing.

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