Well im Saira im a 15 year old im in high school , I struggle with depression a lot sometimes i feel unconformable talking to people because i feel like people will judge me. sometimes i put a brave face on and act all OK but Friday last week i cried in-front of people but my friends helped me i felt like the people who seen me cry are gonna judge me and spread things that oh shes crying and shes 15.My anxiety can be bad i don\’t go out with friends because im scared in case something bad is gonna happen to me like what comes on news… being taken away or something worse .

i do keep myself occupied but sometimes it doesn’t work i cook,bake,draw,listen to music and more…but it gets to a point it may not help i may have thought about suicide and the thoughts. But hopefully this may help maybe not a lot but boosting my moods.

sometimes i get low because i hate myself or my body image and im abit funny with what i wear because  i dont want people to judge me. my school is really supportive since i have safeguarding there ,there really nice and i feel okay talking to them since im more closer with them.

more facts about me :

= im a big fan of bts

= i love anime/drawing anime themes

=love helping those who need help or support

= like i said i have depression/ anxiety

= hard time talking to people about how i feel

=im really emotional

=stress alot /school/if i will get better/

=i over think alot of things

= i panic sometimes

= im 15 years old

= i like baking alot of cakes and such

i hope this tell you about me i mean im new to this so i dont know what to do on this uhm so yeah .


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