I wasn''t..but the past 4 days of school I''ve been thinking about it alot. Just got back from Xmas break, and I was happy most of break. Wasn''t really down or numb or anything, just normal again. I thought this new year would go smoothe, nothin would go wrong for a while hopefully. WRONG. First day back to school was going pretty good until I got to my 4th period. There''s a kid in my class who I would have considered we were friends with…but the past few days he has done nothing but pick on me and pick on me every day in that fucking class. Pushing my books off my desk, pushing me, flipping me off telling me to ''fuck off'' or ''fuck you'', and calling me a pussy. Used to I could just shrug things like that off, but these past few days he has literally become a headache. Every day before that class I will start to get a slight headache, then by the end of that class it''s a terrible head splitting headache. But what has been scaring me if having these horrible vivid, high detail visions of killing him during class, or in the hall way. These little day dreams last about 2 minutes maybe, but I will have more than just one. I even have them when Im laying in bed at night. I will think about how he has hurt me and how I could hurt him for 30 minutes or more. I just don''t know what to do. I don''t want this to get me down again…but I dont know what''s going to happen. I wish I wasn''t so stupid..and weak. I wish I could beat the shit out of him and he wouldnt say another word to me for the rest of my life. Help.

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  1. bluelotus 11 years ago

    you”re not stupid or weak. this kid has no right to treat you this way. i know how you feel, i used to get picked on in high school and middle school just because i was quiet and shy. it pissed me off but all you can do is be the bigger person, kill him with kindness and remember that some day you will come out on top while this loser will probably be living in the streets 🙂  try not to let him bother you and show him that you don”t give a shit, and he”ll leave you alone

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