hi, I’m new to site.  I just wanted some advice or comments from someone that has gone though similar things that I have. I am highly addicted to adderall. I take anywhere from 120mg to 150 mg a day. Yes 4 or 5… 30mg pills. It has made me completely depressed. I don’t take days off often but when I do I lay in bed and sleep for about 16 hours straight. I can’t move my body I feel so weak and tired and sad.  I wish I had that high I once had with adderall but unfortunately it doesn’t last forever. Been on adderall about 5 years. I need 2 in morning just to get out of bed. I spend all my money on them.  It is completely ruining my life. The pills are consuming my thoughts and have taken over everything in my life. I don’t even know what it’s life to feel happy anymore. I use to be happy everyday on them.  Haven’t felt that in over a year. I don’t  want to be around people or go any where  I could go on forever here but if you were and addict like me you know what I’m taking about……  any information or helpful advice is appreciated. Thank you 


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