Sweet petrichor floods my senses –

A sign that a new day has been born.

Life gives a second chance perennially,

Like mom’s red tulips who sleep beside the porch

And who blossom after the snow lifts

And the sun rises in Springtime.

A bolt of light clashes down from the heavens, striking the earth.

Howling wind in the distance echoes in my ears,

Pounding on the drums that remind me

I am alive.

The tulips shudder in the breeze.

A creature of habit am I,

For it is too jarring to shed my skin

And emulate this new person

I am becoming.

Who is she?

Is she all I hope to be and more?

I will not wake up one day in this new self –

No – that will take time;

For tulips remain hidden in the earth,

Growing alone –

Silent –

Till the precise moment for which they were meant to be seen.

Look up

To the sodden skies, cold and gray

Till I see a sliver of light peeking between the clouds laid bare.

I reach up

Straining to touch the light.

The gleaming heavens above are delighted to make my acquaintance

And I am unearthed once more.

The sweet sound of their singing lifts my heart

And I am reminded my capacity is limitless.


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