So, I’ve had to watch another good job slip out of my hands. This is pretty much a cycle for me, for the past 15 years. I live and work in a part of the country where. These things like depression and anxiety are weaknesses, and when it affects your work life, you’re just considered lazy and doless. When I have a bad episode like the one I’m in now, I can’t function outside of my home or away from my wife and two kids. I always end up losing my job when it starts, no matter how hard I try to get through. All of this only adds to my depression and anxiety, and the majority of people think that. If you’re on medication, everything is perfect and it never affects you again, and I can’t make them understand different.

I have been looking for a work from home position, that incorporates my love of computers and my technical talent. I thought for sure I would find something but, that’s a pipe dream I guess. Anyhow, I was just browsing the web and found the site today. So I figured it might help to find someone to talk to, that is facing the same struggles. I’ve always felt like, if you haven’t experienced it, that it’s impossible to understand it. But at any rate, thank you for taking the time to read my rant.                     R. Bishop


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