Are you ever left with them reversing everything you say? For example I have said I have a bad memory which has been proven in tests iv had and I have said I have some sort of personality disorder, looking for the correct label but they say “your memory is fine and I dont think you have personality disorder. I dont know if it’s something about the way I come across but no one wants to feed me anything other than pills and they won’t change the medication I’m on either.

I have been waiting all this time, years of my life. I wasted my teenage time on talking to friends who wanted to move on after school and not see me again. I wasted college on not knowing how to initiate a conversation with them because of my Autism. This is the fourth time at college iv failed because i couldn’t make myself even look at the work. My betraying brain plays games with what I really want to do (read my books). All I do is take care of myself (have a bath, eat etc) and lie on my bed all day waiting till sleep time again. I have never been able to do my homework. Maybe it’s that fear of success thing?

I would be happy with myself if I was reading a book a day and remembering it.




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