I am a huge mess and I am all over the place. I don't bring up what I think, that I may have ADHD to my doctor Because it seems everyone has or wants ADHD for the drugs.

Me personally
I just finished making cupcakes that I started on christmas, i bake from scratch so its not a box mix and it has just been sitting around all this time.
I was suppose to be cleaning. I have been for the last three days straight and i don't get anywhere.

I need to do so many things and so many other things need to be finished before I start anymore. I really am ready to scream. I can not read a book,magazine or a blog.I just can't take the time to get past a certain part. I think the internet feeds ADHD because there is just so much to jump to.

There is the other half of me social anxiety . I am missing a real great show tonight because i am a freakazoid. Its like I have to be taken every where or i wount go. If its really importain I may miss it because I am bugging out over having to go out. I am not working at the moment because i have to go outside. I have an awesome job I can come and go as i please. But no instead i am sitting home.

I con my friend into taking out the garbage and to dry my cloths with promises of food all the time.

So here is my bf looking at someone who doesn't work or cleans. He gets down on me extremely hard. It makes me feel even worse. The fighting exhausts me where I cant do anything for hours after that. If I could I would bury myself with mud somewhere and just let it harden into a shell.


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