Hi firends i am very happy once again to be in this domain where all are striving to find that true long lasting joy which will surely be the benefit of all and sundry on this great place

 I am passionately moved to discuss with you today the killer instinct of the pressures of the society which has been the bane of destruction of most happy homes and has plunged alot of beautiful people joy into the thrash can.

 You see we all suffer from the pressures of the society where we are feced with the daunting task of meeting up with our peers who have in one way or the other gone a head of us in the society .

 I wantnto let you know today that the main problem that leads to breakdown and makes happiness elude us is if we want strive to stay on the same pedestal with others because we sine they have cars,houses,goodjobs,good degree,wonderful spouse and a whole lot of money to spend around then we are also entitled to folow suit ,i want  to confidently tell you that a big NOis the answer for you because no single individuals hand is equal because corroborating the biblical features GOD created each and every one of us different that is why we have different face different hands and all our hands are not  equal because what works for this man or woman might not work for you because destiny they say is different.

  The pressures of the society also supported by a massive television and advertisng gimmick have sold the wrong signal and values into the lifes of so many people in the world that they makes us believe that everything looks easy the way they have explicitly made us to believe but that are only playing ranks with our emotions.

  For you to rise above the problems of the society and learn to live a worthwhile life you must adopt a strategy that will tend to show you what works and what cannot work for you.

  We humans have our likes and dislike so we must learn to uphold what we sincerely adore and carefully focus n it because what that man or woman did to rise to stardom is thier own destiny and while you must also learn the strategy of what works for you because you will become a success if you master the true nature of yourself.

  For you to discover your true self learn to  read books that wil inspire you to succeed because the mind is the repository ground that will launch you to greatness.

 Conceive great things about yourself and you wil harness powerful things.



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