I have breathing trouble for the last 6 years. I have been treating it as asthma.

I spent 12 hours in the hosptail on monday. I been poked and proded, abultrol and other mist treatments, that doent help me at all. It hurts and is painful when I walk.I'm out of breath only when walking. My chest burns and hurts.

My tests are all clear. My lung doctor say I am fine. I do not have asthma.

But i should get rid of my pets because it will help/ (i dont think she likes animals in general)

The allergy doctor took test and retests. I have no allergies and I dont have to get rid of my animals.

The general doctor say it may be anxiety . I cant belive something that has such a hold on me can be anxiety and depression. I mean I do have socail disorder I know that for sure. This breathing trouble when it hits will have me down weeks to a month. I cant work. I cant play. I just lay here like a lump on a log. The only time it doesnt happen is when i lay still and dont talk.

I really don't know what to do. My BF stresses on me to work and he gets frustrated thinking I am acting (he knows i am not but says it anyway) He is mad that i dont clean like I use to and I gain A LOT of weight since this has happened.

I need to work. I work a few days/a few weeks and get sick again. My old job I was out so much I was mad into a joke. 🙁 I finally lost it for another injury.

I dont know what to do.

I have a doctors appointment on April 5th I have seen doctors from the past.

Prozac made me speedy feeling at first then nothing

Paxil I wasnt upset as much about things but got that headack and hard to sleep

Zoloft didnt seem as it helped. I took it for a month. Then the NYC Blizzard hit and I have never been back.

not working,not cleaning,boyfriend down my back,over weight, bills building,being sick, and doctor saying i am fine its all in my head, and having socail phobia to begin with, is causing more stress then i can deal with.

lol i use to have finger nails. I'd cry but I know if it does I am going to start coughing and hurt again

a lot of people mistake my cough for loud crying. Its embaressing


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