I know a while back I mentioned how me and my partner broke up. It was what I wanted and now we are back together. We came back together because I wanted to see how he was. We messaged back and forth for a while. Im not to sure if this is a mistake. We had another fight only a few days ago. Im not sure how to feel about it again. I comeplete at a lost of words. I keep thinking he will become a more sincre, kinder, intuitive person. I know i can not change that. I know he has to beomce those things. The more I try to get closer the more i bury myself in him. thinking If i care for him and take care of him physically and mentally he will be happy and i will be happy. But if i try to express how i feel to him it gets pushed into the you are just to soft. I think this love is going to kill me. I don’t know why he is hanging on to me.


I am a lost for words.


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