1. Last October I had a serious suicide attempt, which required an open heart surgery to mend, along with some therapy for a collapsed lung. I enjoyed a month long stint at the local psych ward where I met a lot of really cool people, although as anxiety would have it…. I didn\\\\\\\’t get very far beyond the daily habit of saying hi to folks as I strolled down the hall in the morning, that is except Molly, Nadine, Edward and a few others who were around my age,

Oh yeah, I live with anxiety. Mixed with a healthy dash of avoidance.

I avoid things. I avoid things so often, that I\\\\\\\’m starting to come to the realization that life\\\\\\\’s following my lead and avoiding me.

Don\\\\\\\’t ask me what the above means…. I don\\\\\\\’t have a clue, but it sounds good.


So anxiety…. That shitty, shitty sensation we\\\\\\\’re all mostly familiar with.

I\\\\\\\’ve allowed anxiety to shrink, cripple, & stunt my world. Only since my attempt last October have I been pushing the boundaries of my existance just a bit farther each day. It sucks and I want to yell FUCK THIS SHIT on occasion, but alas Life\\\\\\\’s too interesting & diverse to stop pushing, & progressing.

Random things about me, I enjoy writing, photography, writing, reading, frisbee, pong…. I’m an INFJ on the Myer Briggs thingamajig



This Blog has been all over the place… Just a Dude throwing paint against a blank canvas and hopping it turns out halfway decent.


What else….. If you find this at all moving or of interest, gimme some feedback, lemme know. I\’ve got a lot to share…. As do we all


Sincerely Fuck Anxiety

  1. sufferingscum 4 years ago

    This was like reading a screen play of my thought process. Please write more? It’d be the bees knees.

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  2. quiet1 4 years ago

    You have so many things that you enjoy. I am rather envious as I am older (much) and I don’t have as many. I have thought about suicide myself, never attempted it, but when I read about kamaloka it scares me.

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