First off id like to say that Chained_Down is alright if anyone was worried for her. This is the special "Over seas" friend she has mentioned in a few of her blogs and the BF she's mentioned in some of her other blogs. She is one of the most special people i have ever met. and also FYI to people reading this, this is my literally first blog….ive never blogged before so i dont really know what im saying, im just kinda ranting here on recent events lol, I dont have Depression or any other pyschological problems that i know of I'll keep ya posted on that. so bear with me. Now to clear things up, me and Chained, we live across the globe from one another. She's in "The Land Down Under" or Australia, and im in the United States. She is the absolute closest person to my heart right now and id take a bullet for her. She will be hopefully coming her in August so im super excited for that.


     Since we started taking our conversations off of the initial meeting place she constantly has my brain in knots. She always has me thinking about things which bother her. I love her with Everything i have and will do anything…..absolutely anything to Banish the Demons which haunt her daily life, while she's awake and while shes asleep. I know i cant force her to share what she feels inside because those things in themselves are landmines that blow her heart and mine to pieces everytime she tries. I wanna just wanna charge into the minefield hacking and slashing at whatever is tormenting her but sadly i know i cant….she wont let me because it would rip her apart from a molecular level i suppose lol. She absolutely glows when she gets a break from trying to save the world from evil. She is funny and sweet and caring and just an all round beautiful person to be with. Trust me if you ever get the chance you'll see what i mean. Through the black sea of emotion that is her life i plan on being the one who will rescue her and bring out that glowing girl i know is somewhere inside of her. BTW i know when she reads this im gonna get a verbal beating because guess what…..i said nice things about her. thats right CHAINED…..I LOVE YOU I SAID IT! GO FIGURE HUH? BWHAHAHA… ready for my verbal beating now babe..bring it on…let me get my suit of armor and we'll tango till the sun sets there in beautiful Perth 😉 you might hate me for it but you know what, you'll get over it because you love me too. alright peeps im gonna go sleep and get yelled at by the pretty Koala girl when she wakes up and reads this. ill keep ya posted….


Copperpaw A.K.A Austin 

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  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    Chained is a beautiful woman I've talked to her many times and care for her a lot.  You are very lucky to have her in your life but you've said that grandly….take good care of her and cherish her….thanks for being in her life.

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