Okay, so I work in a pre-dominant female environment and can’t help but notice that the women I work with and or those around me are very bossy and grouchy. I don’t know why and have struggled to figure it out so I’m just doing my best to ignore them. I almost told one today to stop being so bossy but figured my words have weight behind them so just left it alone. I don’t know/understand how a girl can be bitter because I always think of them as the softer calmer sides of things. Guys should be the tough ones and or the grrr grrr type. I mean there comes and point in time for everything but “turn down the attitude girl!?

On another note, why is it that women feel like they have to plant their feet down into the ground so deep that it makes them ridged and unlikable. Whatever happened to a women being humble and “girly” or cutesy? I do not see that anymore or I must be looking in the wrong places, though not that I look to be exact. I was talking to my grandmother about this the other day and was telling her that I wished I was living in the past because the guy would take care of the wife and do the house work and what not, while the girl would be humble and sweet and take care of him in her own ways. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m not talking about how a woman would do the house chores, take care of the kid, etc. etc, but you know, old school respect things. Maybe I’m just fantasying about how things were when I wasn’t even born and am struggling with society these days. No wonder everyone is becoming depressed or having anxieties – we are not acting like human beings towards each other.

Oh well, just some rambling in my mind today that was sparked by bossy boss boss girl. Lol! If only she knew I was talking about her she would flip out of her chair, down her cubicle pathway, and into the abyss… okay, not that dramatic but it’s funny to say …

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  1. stopthetummyache 11 years ago

    I prefer a work environment with mostly guys. I feel it is more mellow and less focused on gossip. Then again, being a stay at home wife is a privilege in today\'s society when money and jobs are so hard to come by and in spite of my master\'s degree I would be happy taking care of a home and errands for the rest of my life. I prefer to call what you are referring to as \”demure.\” Today\'s stresses make women feel competitive with each other and like they have something to prove when working with men. Unfortunately studies still prove time and time again women are paid less most of the time, and if a guy in the workplace has kids he is stable, if a woman does it\'s like, \”Oh no, she will be leaving early to pick them up or stay home when they are sick.\” Sigh…wish I had the solution. Just do yourself one favor: don\'t try to cheer up your female coworkers, just try to lead by example and when they get flustered or bitchy just do what needs to be done calmly and maybe they will get the hint.

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