On Wensday my boyfriend's mom is going to start all of the paperwork and everything for an apartment. She wants to move into an apartment because the house we're living in is currently too expensive. The apartment is going to have 3 bedrooms…and me and my boyfriend don't get one of those. Her, her husband and the adopted son are going to share a room (like they always have). Then the little sister and the brother will get their own rooms as well and me and my boyfriend will be sleeping in the living room and God knows what will happen to his grandparents.

The thing is, the house right now has 4 floors filled with things. Where is all of that stuff going to go? She's crazy if she thinks that it will all fit in the apartment. The thing is, before I moved out here they had a 2 story house with a basement that had 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and they paid $800 for rent, but that house was too small for his mom so they moved into this one, now this house is too expensive so she's going to move into an apartment, which I give her 3 months until she realizes that it's too small. I asked my boyfriend why doesn't his family just make rational choices instead of choosing one extreme to the next. He said that's just what his family does…now I know where he gets it from.

In my opinion she should have never moved from the house with 6 bedrooms, because most of the stuff she has is just clutter. She has an entire room almost exploding with so many toys but she barely ever lets anyone play with them. She has God knows how many closests with just junk in there that no one even looks at. The basement is filled with old toys, documents…everything but a body is down there. So my question is, where is all that stuff going to go? Everyone says that she's planning to just either throw it away or give it away…honestly, I say have a giant yard sale and with that extra money save it all up since everyone knows that she's going to change her mind about the apartment in a few months.

Also, in the apartment she won't be able to do her foster care stuff because she won't have an extra room for the kids to stay in. So there will be one less paycheck coming in, but less kids running around and less expenses I guess. So yesturday me and my boyfriend spent the entire day looking for jobs, because in order for us to get an apartment we need a steady income, so hopefully we can get a steady income soon because who knows how things are going to turn out.

Just a bit of a rant but this woman is 40, you think that she's know what freaking stability is. According to everyone; even her, they move to a new house every 6 months to a year. In my opinion, this family is freaking messed up! Everyone spends all day either in their room or out of the house (I'm no exception some days) and only come into sight to eat something and then they're gone again. There's no set dinner time, no one does chores, the only expectation from anyone is to not get in trouble and to not make cops come to the door…to me that is just disfunctional. There's no order in the house, the mom is the accuser and that's it. When you do something bad she blows it out of proportion, acts as though someone has just defiled her family's grave in plain sight of her and then goes on a hurricane of crazy. Then the husband gets home and yells about how bad that will make him look and how he has no child.

But anyways, I'm a bit interested to see how the apartment life is going to turn out, but I'm also dreading it because I know that it will be even more chaotic, crowded and miserable. And also, they'll only be saving about $200 a month and that's mainly because the utilities will be less. Oh well…I guess all I can do is try to get a stable paycheck before or shortly after we go to the apartment. Or with any lucky his grandparents will go back to Puerto Rico and decide to take us with them…I can hope  Afterall, they have 2 houses there, I'm sure that if we're lucky enough they'd let us rent one of those housees for a low rate and my boyfriend could find a steady paycheck easily since he knows over half of the town that they live in…so hopefully that rare chance will occur…hopefully.

  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    All I can say is wow she is messed up…..I think I would have moved out months ago I don't think I could have taken being around her.  I feel so bad for you and hope things do turn out good meaning I hope you find jobs and can get a place of your own.  Good luck sweetheart and hang in there….

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  2. Tesla 11 years ago

    Good lord lol Sounds quite a dysfunctional atmosphere indeed.  I wish you luck with it all!  Try to stay sane and take care of yourself in the midst of all that craziness!!  I think it's a great idea that you and your boyfriend are attempting a steady income, and therefore, freeing yourselves from dependency.  You can have YOUR OWN place. 😀  Very exciting.

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