Hi.  Well, my son had a Derm. appointment (first time) yesterday that my husband took him to.  He actually stayed home because of his anxiety about his blemishes.  We have tried different things, purchased products, informed him about good skin care, etc. to no avail.  We need something strong and fast.  He cannot be missing school because of acne! We have come so far.  I come home from work expecting a big gun medication to give him baby bottom smooth skin in 3 weeks(yeah, maybe too optimistic), and he’s got Nothing!   Apparently, he has to have blood work within 5 days of starting the prescription and we are into Xmas week.  Also, we are going to a sunny location to vacation after Xmas.  The drug makes your skin sensitive to the sun. So, the doctor suggested starting it upon our return.  

The kicker was my husband privately explained my son’s OCD issues prior to the appointment and to be careful and cautious about "too much information."  So, later on in the room, after the Doctor explained the bigger concerning potential side effects of Plan A Drug (primarily depression) and that we have to watch for that. If that didn’t work, Plan B would be some other antibiotics and topical creams. After he left the room, some nurse or P.A. or med. tech.  came in and contributed, "Oh, yea, watch out for the dry mouth, dry skin (already a BIG handwasher! Thanks sweetie for that one!), and dry hair."  

As soon as my son and his dad were out the door, it was "I’m not taking that pill.! My hands are already dry.  AND I can’t go back to depression like last year!"       Oh, dear God.  The OCD is EVERYWHERE! It invades everything like a bad smell.     I understand the concern about the depression potential.  We don’t want that either.  However, I am so in tuned to his moods that I am confident I will be able to see it happening rather quickly and stop it before it takes hold.     I don’t want to deceive him and tell him "it’s a different medication the doctor prescribed" and actually give him the Plan A drug.  But he would never take any of the current meds he has if he knew all the "potential side effects."   (sedative, SSRI, ADD med).   We are trying to get him off of these over time (he has decreased them greatly since the LENS Neurofeedback), but he is still taking a small amount of the prescriptions. 

His face is severe, according to the doctor.  He needs something done now to minimize his scarring.  Now, it is a waiting game until after first of the year.  If his blood test (liver panel, I think) is not in the right range, than he can’t take the Plan A drug.  If all is well in the blood test, than I don’t know if my son will agree to take the drug because of the Potential Side Effects.  He’s almost 16 and this situation is a catch-22.   His self-esteem and school "confidence" already has suffered with his OCD/issues, bad skin is NOT HELPING.




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