Well my dad was in the hospital yet another time this last week his potassium hit bottom and almost caused another heart attack. This makes the third time this has happened in 6 months time. The doctors all say that's what's caused his heart attacks before when he was in the hospital, thank God he was there when they happened. His kidneys and heart are failing fast and the doctors told my mom this last time there's nothing left they can do for him except to keep him calm and comfortable. He said if he has any kind of upset it will trigger a fatal heart attack. Nothing left they can do, those words haunt me. My dad is a very stubborn man always has been and is easily upset when something doesn't go right so keeping him calm is going to be hard. He does understand this and is trying but I'm afraid that one time might come as it always does.

I'm asking if anyone could would you please say a little prayer for him his name is John. I keep praying myself that if it's his time let him go peacefully and in no pain that's all I want but I do want him to stay around but not suffer in any way.

I'd also like to have my mom included in those prayers because she is worrying so much and has so much stress on her. She's a strong woman she's endured breast cancer, thyroid surgery and heart surgery she's had all her valves replaced and a pace maker put in and now all her valves are leaking and she gets upset so easily her pace maker has had to kick in too many times. I pray for her to continue to be strong but I have a feeling too that when my dad goes she will not be far behind. They have been married now 56 yrs..

So if anyone does pray could you please include my parents for a small prayer, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you….

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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Thank you very kind people for your caring and  your prayers for my parents and family.  You have been very gracious and giving and it fills my heart to know there are such wonderful caring people in this world such as you.  Again, Thank you!!

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