I have asthma.   Here are some tips if you ever develop it.

  1.   In a perfect world, always carry your inhaler
  2. In a not perfect world, like we live in, you may forget it sometimes and need it

What do you do if you develop asthma symptoms and do or have a inhaler?

Ideally, you would have access to a humidifier.

Life isn’t ideal all the time, so…. Now what?

Other options are ….

-run hot water in the shower and breathe in the steam

-open the freezer door and stick your face in it

– go outside if it is cold for a few minutes and slow focus breathe

-put very hot or boiling water in a mug or pan and lean over it and breathe in the stream

I am sitting here in a hotel lobby wearing my cloth mask dealing with asthma.   Something in the room is triggering my asthma.  I have been outside breathing in stream from a mug in the cold air outside.   I took a puff of a inhaler already.

The staying mentally calm , controlling breathing to be relaxing  and limiting moving around during asthma issues is important.

Thanks for keeping me company during my bad asthma attack!

The simple act of typing this out made me feel calmer and more in control of the situation




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