I'm surprised I survived week one given all that happened…

Sunday: Drove 5 hours with no GPS, no CD player, no dome light (which made it hard to read my directions), and no cruise control. Tossed and turned all night.

Monday: Nearly 8 hours of class and maybe an appointment, I can't even remember anymore. Slept in spurts that night which I later found out is "more normal" than sleeping a solid 8 hours in one whack. Who would have guessed?

Tuesday: Dead car battery. I left the headlights on because I'm not used to my brother's car. =/ Meeting with my adviser regarding my class schedule and when I can expect to graduate. I left feeling anxious and upset because of how little wiggle room I have left.

Wednesday: Snow. And lots of it. No snow boots, had to go to class in wet sneakers and I was late. I don't recall one single thing from that lecture because I had to sit so far in the back that I couldn't see or hear.

Can't remember Thursday, can only vaguely remember Friday. More appointments and therapy. I got to pet a "therapy dog" during one of the meetings and she was just the sweetest little thing.

Now I'm sitting on campus working on that assignment that was upsetting me. It's not as bad as my anxiety would have me believe. I mean, I don't really remember everything but I remember enough to get it done and I'm better off than the chick who doesn't even know where the assignment is listed. =/

More snow and now a cold. I'm fighting it off though, started taking medication early. I completely halted all sinus related issues with a decongestant so my throat only feels a little grainy rather than downright painful. The only bad part is being tired. I couldn't sleep last night and I was probably somewhat feverish because it was cold out and I had the air conditioner on and yet I wasn't even a little chilly. =/

The biggest thing though is this – I managed to pick up a fourth class. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to find one and that I'd pay for it later but I logged on to check the open course list tonight and there was one online class available. Someone dropped it and I nabbed it! Now I'm just afraid that I'm too far behind but I know I can make it work.

Almost done working now, just gotta save my work and head home. I hope it's not too bad out, I hate having to dig my car out. I have to use my arm to do it because my brother doesn't have anything in his car. *sigh*


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