The last week or so has been stressful , dealing with hubby & his pinched nerve in his back , he's been even more of an baby & an irritable butt hole all in one , on top of that obbsessively worrying about gaining weight because he hasn't been able to go to the gym , obbsessively worrying about loosing his size & strength because he hasn't done any major weight lifting N a week .. Truthfully it's annoying, it's his own damn fault, he was told by two professional people not to be doing any kind of dead lifts , he choose not to listen .. On top of dealing with that for the last week , the weather here has been a bitch too , Monday we had a major ice storm , there were people N the trailer park that we live N that were trying to drive up the hill & steadily spinning, now some people whom live N our park have four wheel drive did fine , but the one's that didn't were being stupid .. My husband told them all that they just need to park their car & walk up .. Poor Gwen is really hating this cold weather , she absolutely hates this ice , poor baby hasn't had a good walk N weeks due to it being so dang cold out .. I will be so happy when the 6 weeks of winter is up , this being cooped up N the house is definitely pushing buttons, last night hubby & I got N an argument, he was wanting sex , I wasn't N the mood , he has pestered me all day about , I snapped said I don't think about it all the time like he does & to stop bugging me about it .. He got his feelings hurt , which I didn't mean to happen , I will fully admit we haven't had much sex with in the last yr , a lot due to my anxiety.. When his grandmother died there was a lot of emotional stress I had to deal with on hubby's part , hubby has also had his issues with his Bipolar , all of that stress , on top of that my aunt Ruth being super sick & then passing away N November of 2014 .. My anxiety & my stress level affect my sex drive , not to mention the fact that his moods affects my anxiety & stress level , so if he's N a crappy mood it affects me N every way , because most of the time when he's N one of irritable moods he will take it out on me by being a complete butt hole , & when I call him out on it he use the excuse that I dont give him sex .. Well perhaps if you didn't follow every where grabbing on me like a horny teenager , then I would , perhaps if you rubbed my feet or walked Gwen with out having to be asked , then I would be more incline ..


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