love is death…..
The darkness swallowing me whole
Taking my life taking my soul
The tears running down my face
I want to get out of this place
if I could walk if i could run
I would get up and grab the sun
His face smiling in me head
I wish I was dead
The shadows creeping up on me
Suffocating me
Is this a work of life or death?
I went and grabbed the knife
Piercing my snow white skin
As if I�ve pricked myself with a pin
The blood coming faster now
I slice my skin 'rip'
I�m coming to the end of my poem
I hardly even know him
I sliced my heart with a knife
I love him that is why I took my life

what i thought was…
i used to wake up screamin
i used to spend the day dreamin
but now i live dat dream and i dont scream
i used to have nightmares i used to have fears
but they've been washed away
along wid the tears
now i only smile
all they see is joy
ppl used to play with my heart like it was a toy
but now dat heart belongs to some1
some1 who loves me
and who i lov bck
and dey better know
dat dey cant fuck wid dat

now what is left…
words can kill
but da person speakin doesnt hear dere own words
numb n dead is all i can be
u made the shadow dat is me
the joy gone from dis place
the tears running down my face
my blood running to the floor
do u want to hurt me more?
u left me broken with loads of fear
a single raindrop one tear
the light that used to be gone
u did so much wrong


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