I’ve never written an online diary. I use the word diary because I can not stand the word blog. To me it sounds like the unpleasant noise that is made after someone has visited the toilet when they’ve been storing something for a while. So I use diary. Random. Anyway, I have boxes and boxes full of notebooks, scraps of paper and anything else I could find at the time to write on, containing my life to date. Maybe I should get with the times? Maybe I should hire a couple of admin staff to come and transfer all my records onto the new computerised system? Maybe not. The reason is there is something beautiful about those scraps of paper. They are spontaneous and truley capture the moment. I didn’t have to turn my computer on, wait for it to load up. Find my web page and then type. I just grabbed a pen and started scribbling. Generally incoherent nonsense. But when you look back over they have captured every emotion you were feeling. The way something is written tells you so much. How hard were you pressing on the paper, how fast were you writing, how many swear words are there, and there’s even the smudge where a tear fell and you hurridly tried to wipe it away as if hiding your real feelings from the one person you shouldn’t hide them from, yourself. I think I like the idea of an online diary, but in all honesty it will always be censored to a certain degree, because you know someone will read it (eventually) and no one truley wants other people to know the whole crazy truth about them. We’ve all been there when you’ve done something stupid and you have to own up, but you always edit so you don’t look so bad. And that’s the clear differenc between an online diary and a true diary. Your real diary which is hidden away and for your eyes only is a real testement to who you are and what you believe in. An online diary is the edited version of who you want to be in other people’s eyes, with beliefs that others will find comendable.


Well that’s my two cents about online diaries. I probably will keep this one up for a while though, see what I can create. Speak soon.


P.S This entry has been throughly edited to make myself sound smart and intellectual. Probably didn’t work though. Damn!


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