Well, it just does not ever seem to get better, my dog of 13 years passed away on Sunday. I find out through my kids that my wife is mad at me because she stated that when things are at their worst I am never here…Yet when her mom died I made sure she was there at  her side and so was I, when her brothers died, I made sure we were there and so was I when my Grand Mother died  she could care less, when my father died she made it as difficult as possible for me to grieve..when my aunt died she again did not want to go and did not want me to go to the funeral….when my dog died I had to dig the hole to bury him, after going to work because she does not work, she stays in her room playing computer games, and only comes out to tell everyone how terrible she feels never does she say any thing about how she smokes and drinks with money I have provided, she hoards all of the money and when she needs some form of smokes or something for her to eat she has money but when I go to work I have nothing, when I need parts for the car I go to work in because she drives the car I bought for me, after she burned up the mini van and expected to have the car I bought…she took it and I had to go buy a 100 dollar car, but she still expects to be catered to and when I stand up to her she turns it all around to make it look like I am the one who does nothing, yet I do the laundry, cook the meals, clean the yard, clean the house, wash dishes sometimes, and still go to work…..She does not realize I am getting tired because she does not seem to care…I do not know what to do…every thing just seems to be getting worse…I have not a clue what to do…

  1. WadeAlexander72 12 years ago

    To start off with, I”m sorry about the loss of your pet. I have lost a few pets and it”s a horrible feeling. They do become part of the family and when they go it”s like you”ve lost a family member. If you can, try to find the poem called "Rainbow Bridge". It”s a beautiful poem about the passing of an animal. It”s pretty comforting.

    In regards to your wife, it sounds a lot like my mother actually in many ways. She clearly does not respect you the way she should and she sounds very selfish and self-serving. You are being taken advantage of, and it”s a shame. The fact that she makes you feel like crap for the times you do things for "you" (be it attending funerals, etc…) says a lot about who she is.

    I wish I could tell you what to do because I honestly have no idea how to overcome this. I”ve spent my whole life trying to get through to my mother (who is a lot like your wife) to no avail.

    I really think you two need counselling or at the very least you need to blow up at her. Let her know how shitty she is. She may not even be aware she”s doing it (but I doubt it).

    One thing I learned was that people will treat us the way we let them…you have to stand up to her and tell her off. Don”t accept it anymore. You deserve better than that.

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  2. Deeprhatt 12 years ago

    Thanks for the thoughts, I know that things must come to a head sometime in the near furture, it is just hard because I really do not like confrontation, yet we all have to do what we have to do at one point in our lives…


    Thanks again

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