So i have had a few good days.. Thank GOD!!!! However, yesterday i did have a panic attack however i calmed myself down alot faster than i normally do. I was alone and my car wouldnt start… I am the type of person that when i panic if i dont have a way to go to the hospital or down the road it makes me so nervous i do panic…. so needless to say i paniced… I was outside walking around in the cold acting crazy… lol…. I sometimes drive to the hospital parking lot and sit to calm myself if i am alone, i have done it befor with someone with me too… Ihave a few safe places and that is one of them… I am slowly how to deal with my panic attacks… I started having them 8 years ago and i have no idea what started them….. I think maybe stress and holding feelings in….. So i am asking how You calm yourself???? People say to tell yourself that your ok , but alot of the time can tell myself that and i dont believe myself…. And sometimes i go from calm to full blown panic in like 5 seconds…. I do smoke (cigs) and i do drink pop.. So i know those dont help…. I am struggling with giving those up… But i want to know what else i can do to help?????????????????????????? I dont do any drugs nor do i drink… I do take paxil and i take a nerve pill as needed…… But i was on 60 mg of paxil and have had them slowly take me down to 20mg… I want to one day not have to take paxil…. For one i want to be medicine free but i also want to have kids and paxil is very dangerous to a fetus…. So any comments on how to calm down will help!!!! I just want to say thank you for reading my blog and giving your input… :*)


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