ive been seeing a therapist in a different office then my (wonderful) psychiatrist for a little while and my psyche's office doesnt like that. i saw only 1 therapist there in my psyche's office and she was a dreadful twat and i ended up storming out while she had a smirk on her face. so i asked them to put me on a waiting list for an available one, and went to a backup tharapist in the meantime.

so a few days ago i missed a psyche appointment at omni health, the office, so i called,and a lady was called to the phone to tell me she discharged me. i told her that i was told there were other therapists, and i would be contacted etc, and she told me (rudely) there were no other therapists then the one i saw. i asked if it was just the one therapist and the one psychiatrist, and she said that does not concern me (rudely) because i am discharged (she said this multiple times). i asked her some other questions about OMNI in general because it kind of threw me, but she wouldn't tell me anything at all, and called me "mam" a bunch of times like i was being unruley and finally said to go to the website if i want to know something. i said "thank you!" all fake nice (which i hate doing) and hung up.

its just weird because the website has a bunch of services and goals and stuff but omni is only one therapist and one psychiatrist and a staff?? i might have been blacklisted for yelling at the therapist.

i don't know if i could still see my psyche outside of omni, i couldn't really ask. ;_; he was miles ahead of every other other psychiatrist (or therapist) i've ever seen. ;_;

  1. lost_in_wonderland 13 years ago

     OMG that sounds horrible, I'm so sorry that's happened to you. Once you've found a psychiatrist that works for you, you need to do everything you can to keep them because it can be hard to find a good one! I've never really been lucky enough to 'click' with anyone :(. Didn't the lady on the phone say why you've been discharged? Maybe you could try and phone again and hope you get someone a bit nicer on the other end or ask a friend or family member to do it for you if you find that sort of thing difficult. It sucks that she was rude to you, its clear to her that you have problems if you're seeing a therapist/psychiatrist so if she was being professional she should have been extra nice and understanding. Let me know how it goes, and I hope it all works out for you.

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  2. claudius_67 13 years ago

     From what you've said here I wouldn't give a toss if I'd been blacklisted by this outfit!  I'm sure there are better psychiatrists and therapists you can see.  Dave

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