So Ive been having a good couple of days. Feeling pretty consistantly up and confident.

The weather is still crappy and it snowed too much again yesterday prompting my boss to insist that I find a place to stay in town because she sure isnt dragging her ass in to open at 5am. I sure wish my city would invest in a plow or two haha. Well screw her, Im not having a crappy nights sleep at some friends house just because she doesnt want to do her job as manager. If I cant make it to work because Im snowed in she has to figure it out. It was all for naught anyway because it didnt snow anymore last night and I made it in just fine. On a side note I have a hell of a time sleeping anywhere but my own bed unless its with Mark (My man-thing) lol. I thought that sleepover anxiety was something that people grew out of but I never did.

Mark has been sick the last few days. Some kind of crick/bad pain in the neck thing. It gives him headaches and doesnt let him sleep very well. He still talks to me all the time but is worn out and seems grumpy. Ive even been getting the sympathy crick (so weird). He asked me what side its on and I said the left and he said Oo weird. LOL

Only three weeks till I go to Montana to see Mark again. Im excited and nervous as hell. I love to fly but it can be scary. Its been so long since Ive seen him its been since July cause we're both broke asses. If I didnt have pics of him Id prolly forget what he looks like. Long distance relationships are so fun =).


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