Okay, I seem to be doing somewhat better this morning. I was still grumpy when I got up, but not like last night.

I didn't think I was ever going to fall asleep last night. I was too aggravated to get my mind to stop and slow down enough to go to sleep. Eventually though I drifted off and fell into weird dreams that I can no longer remember. I don't feel as tired though today, so maybe that will help.

I feel so badly about how I acted yesterday, but I didn't feel like I could help it. So I stuffed my nose in a book or got on the computer. I did watch tv with my mom and husband at one point, but tired of it quickly and decided to go downstairs to get ready for bed. It was only 8:30 p.m. I tried some light and aromatherapy to calm me down, but it didn't work well since my husband decided to watch a basketball game in our room too. I was ready to strangle him! He doesn't understand that often I need to be alone, completely by myself to gain my composure and get control of my emotions. Invading my space instead does NOT help things. Leave me alone for God's sake!

But I'm determined that today is going to be better. I will not allow my anger to get ahold of me and eat at me all day. If I feel it coming on then I will take measures to combat it and pull it back. I don't know if it will be yoga, meditation, bike riding or sleeping ~ but one of them will work if I catch it early enough. It's just a matter of being attentive I think.

Other than that today I have to get my work schedule and fold laundry and maybe do some cleaning downstairs. In the spring I have to pack up all of our winter clothes in bins and store them in the garage until the next season of cold weather. So today that's probably going to be my major task. I just can't take the clutter anymore.

Wish me luck today. I wish you all a good Tuesday! I'll probably finish blogging later…


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