Heylo everyone (if anyone really reads this because I don't know how this website works). My name is Edie, I am 16 years young and I am really on this website because I have been having many problems that I really wish to let go.


Two years ago, I entered a new year of school. I made a friend who (for respect and privacy issues) I'll call Tory. Tory became friends with me as well as us with another girl I'll call Eva. All three of us became very close friends.


Tory had some friends from the internet who she talked about a lot of the time we were together (which was every single day). She said that she met these boys (Anthony, Jordan, Justin and Eithan) at the mall and became friends with them. They now talked through internet email and website chats.


Later in the year I became close to Anthony. He became the older brother that I always wanted and I loved him very much even if I only talked to him through email. I later found out from Tory that Anthony had gotten in a car crash and was in the hospital dying. I was in school when I heard and by the time I returned home (with Tory and Eva) I found out from Eithan through email that Anthony had died.


I became close to Eithan. He had issues such as depression and abusing drugs because he had lost his good friend. I tried to help him through it but he also had a step father who abused and touched his little five year old sister. His mother denied it though. He ended up slashing up his arms and overdosing on medication.


While he was in the hospital, I became close to Jordan. He became the absolute best friend I ever had. I told him everything and he told me that same. He updated me on Eithan's health status and told me that Justin was depressed and trying to kill himself.


A year ago Tory, Eva and eveybody else found out Jordan, the best friend I ever had, had cancer. Thyroid cancer to be specific.


I cried. And cried. For days. I couldn't concentrate and went to therapy for consequences of what was happening even though i told my parents nothing of the boys or any of the problems amoung them.


Then, a few weeks ago while I was on vacation visiting family, my boyfriend (who had taken up a dislike for Jordan because of my close relationship to him) told me that he believed the boys I had talked to for 2 whole years, were not real. He gave me his evidence and I listened because my boyfriend (let's call him Johnny) has never lied to me and is one of the clsoest friends I've had even before we started dating. I cried because I didn't want to believe it.


The next morning I text messaged Tory and asked her if Jordan was real. Straight up asked her. She tried to change the subject, then the truth came out. She told me that shehad a lying disorder and a split persona. She said that she was trying to protect me. To help me and comfort me and give me the older brothers and best friend that I always wanted.


I no longer talk to her, but I feel hurt. I feel stupid because everyone seemed to assume the boys were not real despite what Tory said, but I didn't. I trusted a person I shouldn't have. Then finding out the truth made me feel like all of them had died and gotten hurt… again. I am sad. I am confused…


If anyone takes the time to read this I'd appreciate an honest opinion. I've seriously heard it all so, please, I'm sure I can handle it. Thank you.

  1. aloneforevernew 11 years ago

    i read it but i'm not sure what to say. i don't understand lying disorder but it sounds really hard being friends with someone like that, she needs to change it for the sake of her friends, not accept that it's ok to lie like that conciously. i would totally move on and widen your circle of friends.

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  2. katniptea1 11 years ago

    I used to be in a relationship with someone that lied ALL THE TIME. He would tell me someone had died, then 2 weeks later we would run into this person. When I confronted him about the lie, he would deny, deny, deny.

    Its sad that this disorder exsists, because it makes people that are around them distrust them, and it is really human nature to want to trust people. Dont take there lies personally, but just be aware that they do indeed lie. Its a very hard thing to try to understand.

    My advice, find other friends that will be truthful. A TRUE friend  would never lie to you.  Good Luck

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