I have not come out to my entire family yet. Only realy to my brother. I am in the middle of a divorce now. My x hurt me very bad. I watch survivors on instagram now. I am trying each day to reach out to my kids. They won’t speak to me. I see a counslor and a doctor also. I work for shoprite. I did’t hear my my kids on Mother’s Day either. I adopted a cat in 2019. I walk her on a harness and in a stroller. I just bought her the pride bandana from PetSmart. I wear pride sterling silver earings, a scarf, and crocs that show my pride. I also just bought a rainbow straw hat for the summertime.

  1. ricky2007 4 months ago

    I am so sorry you had to deal with that but it is a good thing that you are showing your pride and getting help i am happy to see that 🙂

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