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Long time not talk. I hope everyone has been doing well. I've been better this year although things still aren't easy. My OCD is much better than it was last year, although I still find myself falling into pits of depression every now and then. Right now, my youngest brother, Kyle is the one suffering. He's been convinced that he's dying from MS for a full year now, and has dropped out of his first yera of college, doesn't work, never leaves the house. He pretty much stays in his room all day, all night, and only comes out when he has to eat or use the bathroom. He's losing his hair, losing more and more wieght, and meanwhile he's been seeing a pychyatrist during this whole time, but you would never know, because he hasn't made evern a touch of progess. For those of you who remember me and my story, my parents seperated about 2 years ago and my mother doesn't live at home anymore, she comes home on the weekends. I'm feel frusterated as all hell at the both of them (my mom and dad), for pretty much giving up on my little brother. Both of them are more concerned about thier own lives right now and do nothing except for driving him to his psychyatrist appointments, meanwhile he sits there, deteriorating more and more. I've tried talking to them and telling them that Kyle NEEDS them, but its always, "yeah i know, yeah I know," and then it dies there. I don't know what the hell to do. My mother won't even go through to trouble of finding a *ucking therapist for him! She's been saying she's going to do that now for 12 months….nothing

Eveytime I talk to her, she tells me how depressed she is. SHe misses my dad, she wishes she could move back home and be with him, she's lonley, she's scared, she's pissed at my dad for going out Saturday night because she KNOWS he was going out with some "slut." Then there's Kyle, who is sinking deeper and deeper everyday.

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  1. Jessealuvseashells 10 years ago

     THanks Vala, I was just on OCFoundation.org trying to find doctors in our plan, outpatient clinics, all that. THen my mother calls and complains about how she has to do everything and my father doesn't care and she's exhauseted and blah blah, so I'm livid righ now.  I dont' know if my brother will get better, it seems my parents are too self absorbed to give a flying shit.  

    thank you for your comment, though. it makes me feel better that someone cares.

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