So these last few weeks have been pretty stressful… Two Thursday's ago (Dec. 3rd), I lost my grandmother… It hasn't been easy. So while dealing with that and getting everything organized, exactly one week later (last Thursday) my dad go admitted into the hospital. After having him on a breathing and feeding tube, they came to the conclusion that he has to have a heart valve replacement… Now he is going to be stuck in the hospital for Christmas and probably into the new year, at least. The doctors told him that he has a bad infection throughout his body and they have to try to find the source…which they can't seem to find at the moment. The doctors also said that after they do more tests (which will probably take another week or so), they are going to have to send him to a personal care facility so that he can still get the right medication because it is going to be administered through an IV… Then, when that's all said and done, they are going to operate on his heart valve. So he will be recovering for at least 6 months after that. He told me that he doesn't want to do the surgery, which in my opinion is selfish because he has me and he's only 56… He has so many more years of his life… But then again, it's his body so I can't make his decisions… Anyway, on top of dealing with the loss of my grandmother and now having my father in the hospital, I am so run down that now I am sick. I just want to catch a break. I don't go back to school until January 19th and I want at least a couple of relaxing days but I have a feeling that won't happen. I mean I want to be there for my dad because I am literally all he has (other than a couple of his friends), but how am I supposed to be there and support and help someone if they don't even want to help themselves…


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