This is about the fifth morning in a row that I have awoke much much to early but havn't a hope of going back to sleep.  It started awaking at 4:30am and has been earlier each morning till this morning it was 2:30am.  Each morning I have checked my email then Facebook then spent the rest of the time until 6:30am or so when the kids wake up on DT chat.  Thank goodness for that.

Yesterday I got an app for my iPhone that lets me listen to my favorite internet radio station on the iPhone with earphones so at least I can listen to my music that way until the grandkids wake up.

Day before yesterday my daughter took me to San Antonio's famous River Walk for part of the afternoon and we ate lunch at one of the many waterside cafe's and I took photos.  You can see them at  I had planned to take photos of people with the telephoto lens but my back was hurting so bad that I really couldn't get into the photography like I had planned.

A couple months ago I had surgery on my spine to try to stop the pain and it helped some; but it didn't fix everything and I can't stand or walk very far before the back really begins to bother me.  Last June I had a massive seasure that fractured 7 vertebrey (sp?) and my back has been a really big problem since.

When composing these blog posts there is a box above under Your Mood that is labled Music but I have no idea how to use it.  I have tons of mp3's that I could play if I knew how to use that box.

I think I'll check out chat now. This is enough blogging for now.


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