Bad bad day at work yesterday. I am very disappointed once again with where I am working. I realize this only has to do with me and not where I work. No matter where I work, the same things bug the heck out of me. I can pass thru several days with no frustrations and just take everything as it comes. Eventually, my frustrations rears it's ugly head once again. I will try to keep my story short and to the point. I was presented with the cashier supervisor position for a large retailer and have 70 cashiers to manage. I went off to do some work away from the customer service desk. When I came back, the area was a complete wreck. . . empty boxes stacked up, returns covering the counters, items on HOLD on the floor. Plenty of stuff around to do, right? The 2 girls standing behind their registers were standing there, literally, picking their fingernails. I went about my tasks nearby, waiting for the girls toat least appear to be busy. They didn't budge for several seconds, I then politely asked what they were working onand they both replied "oh, nothing". I could barely keep it together. I asked them how the task list (sitting right near them) was going. I received blank stares. I asked each of them to do a task and I started doing one of the tasks also. They didn't budge. When I came back, I was evenmore than frustrated and started nudging, with my foot,avery heavy boxed item towards the back room, where it should be. Icouldn't even look at either of them standing there.I asked one of the store leaders to help me get the girls on task and explained I had some work to do in my office. Later in the day, acoworker informed me oneof the "princesses" tolda store leader Iwas kicking the item across the floor – my onlysolace is that it is all on the security videotape. I am sure my frustration will show in the video, butI wasdefinitelyNOT kicking themerchandise.Either way, I realize I did not handle my frustration correctly and it was definitey notbehaviour that should be displayed by a supervisor. Now I wait for "the talk". I pray they take it easy on me.


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