giving….. is a time of the year where we all give thanks for our blessings. Well how does showing how thankful we are by giving sound?? Not too fun ehh!? whos gonna cook my marathon ass meal !? whos gonna wake up on black friday at 5 am to get all the bargain shoes n what not…. aww your pooor thing! lol. how can you ever survive??? Well…. as we all know….. the common courtesy around this time of year is to give out free turkeys to the poor. Which i commend for being a very good gesture. But we tend to forget sometimes they might not have the money for all the ingredients to have a half decent meal. Or we ourselves might not be in the position to or not exactly know how to give anyone food etc. but guess what everybody? giving is not limited to material things. NO not at all. There is plenty of lonely older people who pretty much have no one. Don't forget them. Give em some company…. share some of your food with them… you just might make thier days a heck of a lot sweeter. Perhaps some of us are not the social type…. or dont know anyone like that…well guess what loneliness is not just an old people thing… so friends that you might have lost touch with…or family members taht you might have strifes with… try n patch it up if possible. I am always learning always taking in so much from my surroundings. And one of the very very important lessons that ive learned in life is that sometimes we have to place ourselves in positions in which we normally would not.. in order to make someone happy ( not in a robotic slave kinda way) but more like in a generous warm hearted manner. for example perhaps a brother or sister wanted to watch a particular movie with you or want you to dance to a a certain style of music in which you do not care for….or want to tell you a story about something that depresses you so you lash out in anger and tell them to get away….. well …'if you do that enough times…. little by little you are destroying every single attempt that person is making to connect with you and share something that matters to them. So what ive learned is it is not all about me and what i like etc. And to see the reactions on peoples faces when i take interest in what matters to them is awesome. So speaking from experience…. dont always think me first….. meet my needs etc…. Sometimes the best way to say THANK  you to the people you by GIVING a part of yourself to them. wish everyone a cool and blessed thanksgiving…….peace. tony.

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