I know I've blogged before about the health of my parents and how they aren't doing well.  Since then there has been a period when they were doing good and got a little dog to take care of and love.  Several months ago my father was in the hospital because his potassium had dropped drasticly and at that time they did dialysis on his kidneys.  He also had suffered a heart attack while in that time too.  He has congestive heart failure as does my mom but his kidneys are really sick and they told him theres nothing they can do and gave him about a year before they would totally give out on him.  Well, last week he went to the doctor and after all the blood work etc the doctor told him his kidneys are failing more quickly than they had anticipated and that all they can do now is make sure he is comfortable because they could fail at anytime now.  It's just me and my sister and my niece is getting married the 17th of this month.  She lived with my parents a lot while growing  up and has  a very close relationship to my dad.  My dad told me yesterday that he just wants to make it until her wedding and he will be happy.  I pray to God he gets what he wants, it's just a simple thing to ask for.

About 4yrs ago I forgave my dad for all the abuse my sister and I suffered growing up and since we've been very close.  It's not been long enough, I want and need that closeness more and more, he's the father I'd always dreamed of now and I dont' want to let him go.  I know this sounds selfish but I can't help it I dont' want to lose him and no matter how much people tell you to prepare for it there is no preparing for something like losing a precious part of your life.

I'm beside myself and it's all I can think of and it seems everyone else is just going on with their day to day things like nothing is going to happen or has happened.  I'm asking if you are a person who prays to please say a little prayer for him that he does make it to the wedding like he wants…like I said it's just a small thing for him to ask but we never know what's going to happen.  I can't help thinking with the holidays just around the corner this years holidays are going to be worse than ever.  I've never liked them and never will but now, well now I don't  even want to live thru them at all I wish I could erase them.

So please if you can say a small prayer for him I would deeply appreciate it and thank you….

  1. angel1 12 years ago

    Aww dear that's so sad for you and your family! I will say a prayer tonight for you all when I say my usual prayers, it's not an easy time for you and it's going to be very difficult for you all, I'm so glad that you and your father have a great relationship now and I know that your past must have been horrible but you are such a special person to be able to move on enough to have a relationship with your dad, it's the best thing you can do, as now you know your dad's not going to be around for ever and at least if anything does happen, you can at least feel peaceful with yourself, my loving prayers and thoughts go out to you xxxxxxx

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  2. kellyjohnson1970 12 years ago

    Im so sorry to hear this and I know how hard it is. I lost my dad about 12 years ago and it was soooo hard and I still miss him like crazy and there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of my dad. My dad and I were extremely close.

    I believe with everything in me that your dad will make it to be at that wedding. Im so glad to hear though that you made up with your dad and thats a huge blessing. I dont have to tell you this but dont take a singel second with him for granted. Say everything you need to say and have no regrets with that. Trust me I have a lot of regrets in that area. Just remember he will ALWAYS be with you and your sister and niece and you will see him again.

    You and your family are in my prayers and God bless your family.

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  3. kellyjohnson1970 12 years ago

    One more thing thats whats so sad is that for alot of people it takes someone getting sick or dying to make them wakeup and realize how precious life is and just how short life truly is and thats why all of us should never take our loved ones for granted cause they can be gone just like that.

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