This kind of "off topic", but does tie into anxiety, well more depression.

As many of you know, Sunday, August 29th will be 5 years since Hurricane Katrina devasted the Gulf Coast.  My parent\'s house was severly flooded in the storm due to storm surge and the MRGO.  They gutted the house and sold it.   In the past 5 years when times got tough, I found myself getting in the car and driving past my old house.   There are new owners and the house looks different.  There is a apart of me that wants to ring the bell Sunday and ask if I can look around one last time.  I know things are different, but the structure is still the same.  I do not know if this will provide closure.

I know it is just a house, just walls and  rooms, but the house I grew up in was more than that.  When my parents married, my mom made it her goal to provide a safety net for her family.  That house was filled with so much love that not only was it a safety net for my brother & I, but for so many of our friends.  One of my friends once told me she could be having the worst day, her world could feel so cold.  The minute she stepped foot in our house, she was immeadiately warm and felt that she could survive whatever was going on in her life.  If any of you listen to county music, Miranda Lambert\'s  "The House That Built Me" totally describes how I feel.

So, I guess my question is, what would you do if you were in my shoes?  I thank you for your time.


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  1. Jack21 12 years ago

    I was pretty much brought up by my grandparents. My dad was in the army and my mom was….heaven only knows where she was. At any rate I grew up with them in their apartment in Italy. It was the safest, coziest, most happy place in the world for me. My grandfather passed in 1997 and my grandmother just a month later, the apartment was sold, we had to take all the stuff out which was absolutely heartbreaking. I sat in their room for hours and just cried and cried. A few years ago I was in the area and I decided to just go up to the apartment, ring the bell and tell whoever answered my story – that this place had been my childhood home. The woman was very kind, invited me in, made tea and she let me talk about growing up in what was now her apartment. It was nothing like complete closure, but it helped. I hope that this helps you.

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