The stomach bug part has passed, but in it's wake it has left me with the rest of it ~ the achy joints and muscles, the headache, the sinus pain and such. I guess I can only really blame myself for catching this; I know how it happened and it was really dumb. Oh well, chalk it up to a re-learning experience, lol.

So I missed Philosophy class Tuesday night, but I just was not well enough to go anywhere that day either. And it's my 1st absence in that course (and hopefully my only one!). I did make it to Spanish class yesterday, and I'm so grateful because the material that I finally met a brick wall with he covered that day, so I hadn't missed it! Thank God!!!!

I was ready to drop by the time class ended though. Ugh.

I'm finished attending classes for the week now, but still have a ton of work and studying to accomplish. I've already spent an insane number of hours just on Spanish since Sunday night. I'm dreaming spanish phrases! The frustrating part? They're the ones that I can't remember the translation to, lol.

I have slept most of the morning away. I got up, took Zachary to school after giving him breakfast and getting him ready, and then came home and took care of the animals and laid down. I got about 3 hours of rest. I ate and now I'm waiting to leave to go teach the orchestra class at the school. I'm feeling a little too tired to really do this, but I'm getting paid a little for it and it's only an hour long. I can survive this, right?

It has been cold and raining for the last 24 hours. About an hour or so north of us they were getting ice and sleet and some snow. In Florida that's a little crazy! I do wish that it had come a little further down though, my son has never seen snow and would love it! So would I to tell the truth ~ it's been YEARS since I've seen it either. Here it's a beautiful novelty. For so many of my friends here it's a dangerous annoyance and major irritation. Again, I'm sorry to hear so many of you are in dangerous weather conditions and are freezing your butts off. 🙁

It's strange, the house is so quiet. I'm sitting here with the birds (literally, all 3 of them), 1 cat, the rabbit, and the guinea pig and not a single sound from anything except the typing on the keyboard. It seems surreal to me. Its also luring me with it's siren song to go back to my warm bed and sleep…sleep…

I'm sad and ashamed of myself today. I was supposed to go to my 1st appointment with my new therapist (since my old one retired in December), and I just couldn't do it. I didn't even have the guts to call and say I wouldn't make it ~ just a dang no-show. It's pretty pathetic. I just don't want to face peoples' opinions right now. Usually they don't matter, but when I'm down they can drag me down even further.

I've got a WHOLE 'nother blog ready to go on a similar topic of discussion that I got into with my Mom yesterday that really upset me, but I'll save that for later on, maybe tomorrow.

Well, I better get dressed and get going to make it in time to teach my orchestra class. See you all later on. Take care of yourself ~ you are so worth it!

  1. TravisParks 8 years ago

    Thank you!  That was beautiful!  I was inspired.


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  2. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    The weather is lousy. Does antone really feel anygood? I's hard to keep the spirity up. Oh when or when will sensible weather appear again?.I have a feeling that your immunity may not be able to handle your zoo.

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