Back on Halloween, I'd had 11/1 set as time off for two weeks by then, all approved and such. That day, the office had a costume contest and a pot luck. I wore a costume of an "Evil Queen" complete with crown, white powder in my hair, giant cloak and fake nails *shudder*. I brought a "cake" to the potluck, which wasn't cake at all (meatloaf with potatos as 'frosting'). That day was also a "one day call in sale" for our office. I was a bit miffed about that, as it was my direct phone line that was given out for that special (and was the whole reason I couldn't take Halloween off with Friday the 1st). When my manager came in, she suddenly demanded I do a whole bunch of my busywork (stuff that's usually on the back burner for when I've got down-time) that day, however, she wanted me to do it all, on top of trying to type with nails (how do other women do it!?) and deal with the call-in-sale!

The day was nutz, but I succeeded. However, I ended up staying 20 mintes late. There was no way to take the time off elsewhere, so I just put it on my time card. A whole $3 isn't going to break the bank anyway. Well! To my surprise on Friday (the day I get my pay stub) I did not have the extra time on my paycheck. Note, though, that she didn't give me my stub until I was running out the door for lunch. When I returned at noon, she'd left already to teach a new driver a route. She did not return until after 4pm, which is when our accounting manager (who is also the office manager) was gone for the day. When I asked her about the missing time, she'd stated "I denied it". When I asked why, she'd replied "Because you spent 40 minutes that day shooting rubber bands".


How canI shoot rubber bands when I've got freaking FAKE NAILS ON!? On top of that, she did NOT deduct pay from my coworkers who would have been my acomplises in such an act (On occasion, when our computer system is down for back up, 3 other coworkers and I will shoot rubber bands. It's usually on a really quiet day, and only for as long as back-up takes which is usually five minutes). So, 1: The day she chose to say I WAS shooting rubber bands is wrong. and 2: She's targeting me only! I'm so furious!!

So far, I think this is the first time my BF tells me to quit. He'd said if I can't settle the issue legally, then quit.


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