Hi I have ocd and depression I suffered all my life  no one really understood me some thought I’m  just a bad kid others thought im just to lazy etc… when I was in a comfortable situation in school I got awesome grades but when there was discomfort I got 0s my teachers were like what happened? U got 100s last year now your failing!! Ur a smart kid why do u do this to yourself?! I suffered alot throughout school and the fact that my father didn’t support me made everything double the pain and suffering he is a very perfect person and everything needs to be just the way he pictures it and he always was angry at me no one understood me I didn’t even understand myself I just knew I was different than other kids I just knew that there is no hope for me . when I went into high school at first it was awesome I got great grades I was doing better than almost anyone in my grade and then it happened….well what happened? Idk myself I just went into a deep depression I guess it was to much pressure for me with the millions of thoughts  torturing me and there was lots of pressure on me especially being on time to school I started failing.  Next year though it was a new start I started doing great again I got awesome grades I succeed beyond my imagination but a half a year later everything collapsed again…and it never really got repaired it’s now 2 in a half yrs later…at first I went to a summer camp but it was 25x worse than school beacuse I was 24 hrs in school it was to much pressure for me I went into a severe depression I slept for hours on didn’t participate in anything going on in my camp . at least I had a principal who understood me halfways…  after the summer I went into college but it didn’t last to long…2 months later I dropped out I was sooo depressed for 2 yrs I hardly had any social stuff in my life I’m on medication now for ocd and depression it doesn’t really help at least not enough but I’m a little bit better now I hope to start anew this year a fresh new start hopefully…

  1. oneforall 4 years ago

    I’m sorry this happened to you I went through something similar to this same deseise but different reaction anyway hang in there it will get better.

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