Hi everyone,

I am Hannah and I am currently in a little over a month relationship with my boyfriend who is panromantic asexual and female to male transgender. We are in a long distance relationship which sucks for the fact that I can not cuddle him and tell him sweet things when he is feeling down. But I love him a lot and he makes me very happy. Although we are in an amazing relationship, we do have our ups and downs, especially since he is dysphoric. A few weeks ago he was very dysphoric about his hips and thighs and all I could do was reassure him that I am always here for him and that I love him so much. I have social anxiety, depression, and generalized anxiety, and knowing what he is going through makes me sad and worried. I tried to convince him to let me help pay for hormones and top surgery but he, unfortunately, cannot get either of those till he graduates. Plus he has said that he does not want me to use my money over him (jokes on him, I would gladly spend all my money on him). He is such a sweetheart and is my everything. Because of him, I am becoming more educated with LGBT topics and I have found more LGBT friends to learn more on the community from.

I hope by joining this page, I can be more educated on LGBT issues/topics as I am a cishet ally and be able to have a support group for my anxiety and depression.

I hope you all can contact me and possibly we could become friends. Though I will have to do some research to make sure you are not some 44 year old man or something.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I cannot wait to get started on this account!


Yours Truly,




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