Well another day down…..I took all of my meds for today and now only have to take the bed time dose…..I did take my last night dose….Didnt get up until 10today…..I didnt have to work today…..I had to take my father in law to nashville today….sop I got bathed and dressed and my daughter dressed and bathed today…..I even put on makeup…I didnt eat all day until 300pm…..didnt have time or make time until then…..I didnt really have any anger spurts today….I have been having them quite a bit……I havnt been sleeping very well …..I didnt go to bed until 100 last night and then I didnt sleep well…….My chest huting today and I think its anxiety…one of my teeth started to hurt today….I need a root canal and a cap on it and dont have money to fix it…so I can add another problem to the mix of other problems….I am upset with my daughter…..Because she lives so far away…she chose to go 3 hr away from me and live with a boy she hardly knew and now she had a baby …3 weeks ago…I went there and was with her for the birth and stayed a week with her…and even brought her back to my house and helped her til she felt better….I helped her with everything…I helped her bathe…I help get in and out of bed (cause she had a c section)…help get up with the baby…..cleaned her incsion….feed them all washed  their clothes and then they went back last week …I am missing  them and her boy friend is a controll freak….who plays games with her head and she dont even realize it…..I have a mad and hurt feeling toward her….Why did she have to go up there and then I think why should i get close to a baby i will only see in pictures and emails…..and I dont trust him he has a very bad temper and He has raged out at me….and she cries all the timw cause he hurts her feeling…he takes her car and she has no way around unless she is with him and she has no friends or family ,,,she just sit there all day and waits for him to come home from work to do anyhting….


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