Good afternoon people! I have been a member here I think since 2008. I haven't posted anything and I think I just got on here 8 years ago just to try to get some help by knowing other people had Sever OCD. In the past I have tried many different medications, One of which made me feel like a zombie. None of them helped. I have seen phyciatrist and been under hypnosis to try to help my OCD and nonthing nothing worked. So I just came to the Realization that I would have to deal with OCD for the rest of my life and I came to be somewhat okay with it. I would get so bad sometimes That I wouldn't even get out of my clothes or shoes before bed. I would just lay ontop of my blanket after it took me multiple times just to lay in bed to sleep. A lot of the times I wouldn't leav the house because of how long it would take me to finish my rituals in order to leave. I was constantly late for work and coming up with the most off the wall excuses because I couldn't just come out and tell them my OCD is the reason. Well The reason I am on here today is because I know what everyone of you are going through. And I have found something that has givin me my life back! I can't keep that from people who struggle every day Like I have. find me on FB and message me if you are interested. I am not cured but I can say that I am 90 to 95 % free from my thoughts and so I do not have to perform rituals anymore! It is a complete blessing and it feels amazing to have a Clear mind for once in my life!!!! Michael Rhodes

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